Submission guidelines


We’re expanding our collection of postcards from around the world and would love you to share a glimpse of your favourite place! 


Become a part of our growing community, establish yourself as a local expert and have your content featured alongside other amazing submissions. Check out the examples below and complete the form below for the chance to be featured on the platform.

All submissions are processed through a standardised form and will be reviewed and curated by our content team. 


In order for content to be considered it fit the aesthetic of the platform.Creative mediums include, but are not limited to digital or film photography, illustrations, collage, edited images, GIFs, editorial-style mock-ups or other forms of graphic design. 


Must be representative in some way of the place that you’re recommending (for example that might be a direct photo or drawing of a landmark, or artistic take on a view, café etc. Open to obscure interpretations!). 


Must NOT be offensive, racist or culturally appropriated. All submissions that break the guidelines will be rejected and the contributor risks being banned from submitting in future. There is zero tolerance for hate, violence or pornographic imagery.  


Must respect the intellectual property of others. All submissions must be either original works, or credit the original creator appropriately. Submissions may be contributed in collaboration with more than one person, so long as each contributor is credited appropriately. For example, one person may be responsible for the image and another person may be responsible for the text element of the contribution (with permission of all parties). In the case of graphic design submissions – work must not be plagiarised in any way.


Submissions must be clear (image resolution?). Duplicate submissions are also not allowed, this includes submitting multiple of the same image, a black and white copy of the same photo or cropping images for re-submission.